January Challenge Sereja and Votes

The points aren’t being updated for correct answers. Admin please look into it.


thanks for notifying, it is corrected.

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btw you should leave a comment there itself so that admin panel can see it more faster

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@dpraveen: al solutions will be rejudged or resubmit is needed ? It seems, like still not updated for @gkcs

@all i didn’t understand the question…can you provide explanation to sample test cases?

Probably it is a language problem - 3x30 is not 100, so it in not valid (feasible), ok?

It can’t be so trivial @betlista. Surely there’s much more to the problem.

You asked for sample test cases explanation, during the contest I cannot help more…

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Hmm…ok just make this clear to me.
the rounding can be in any subset of integers of array B right??

You have array A at the beginning, then it is rounded and the result is in B…