jan challenge

jan long challenge is rated or not ?
because the rating has not updated.


It will be updated soon! Please be calm and practice other questions… Their might be the possibility that team is busy in some other work or plagiarism has not been done yet!

And It’s Rated contest contest and you have to wait!

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Hey Akshay, The January Challenge 2017 certainly is a rated contest, we will be updating the ratings soon.

I can see that, You have not participated in januare long challenge, why are you asking then, for karma points ?. This is karma-farming.


AFAIK, all long, cook-off, and Lunchtime are rated contests. Don’t worry, the ratings will be updated soon :slight_smile:

Somebody please UpVote me Guys.I need to ask some doubts :frowning:


haha :stuck_out_tongue: just KARMA things !

Jan CookOff ratings are updated bunt Long rating are not update till now. I solved more problems this time and expecting a jump in my long ratings. I request you kindly please update JAN17 long ratings.

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@admin when will the ratings of Jan long challenge get updated?

When will ratings get updated … Feb challenge is going to kick off…

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Dont worry, it will get updated. As bansal said,"Their might be the possibility that team is busy in some other work or plagiarism has not been done yet! "

My strong guess is that plagiarism isn’t done yet, that’s why its taking this long. Give them some time, have patience buddy! Its going nowhere! And also, its not like that Jan’s ratings need to come for Feb ratings to be updated, so just relax and practice!

Happy coding :smiley: :slight_smile:

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Ok. Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

It is happening for the first time on codechef that they are taking too long to update the ratings, it’s been around 14 days since the contest has ended. Even during the snackdowns or ICPC it never happened…:frowning: I think participants deserves, to get a reply atleast for that…hope to see the updated ratings soon…:slight_smile:

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try mailing them at help@codechef.com or feedback@codechef.com . I gave them a mail.

They take some time to reply (sometimes >1 week), but rest assured, they are NOT ignoring the issue! Ratings would be updated, so don’t worry! Instead, lets start practicing for Feb Contests!!

Happy Codding,
Cheers :slight_smile:

The ratings are updated now.

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please upvote me i need to ask question from january challenge

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