JAIN - Solution giving wrong answer

In the JAIN question in the March Challenge, my solution is not passing any test cases. I dont know if i can post my code here, but I need help.

It is wise that you did not post your code here. It would have been a bigger violation of Codechef rules. However, you are still violating its rules as they say - “do not discuss strategy, suggestions or tips”. You can send your doubts to feedback@codechef.com and they’ll reply to you if they think it is relevant. I would request you to delete your post and do the right thing.

As your code does not pass the test cases, it is wrong. There’s a much much (much) higher chance of your code being incorrect, as compared to their test cases, especially since many others have successfully solved the problem. Better to try and try more till you get it right, or if you are unsuccessful, learn from your mistakes after the contest.

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Is it too far to ask for sample test cases too ?

You can ask for clarifications for sample cases in the comments section of that question. If the setter feels that some clarification is required, they will provide it.

Providing further clarification to the sample cases than what is required may sometimes reveal some important strategy to solve the problem, thus giving away its solution. This is why setters only explain it as much as they think is required.

As for if you have understood the sample cases, but can’t fix your errors, then that’s your responsibility. Keep trying as long as you can. You’ll learn something. If you were not successful during the contest, make sure that you know why after the contest.