Its is saying wrong answer, I don't know why

I am new to this site and I tried the first one of September Challenge, It is working fine and I am getting the required result. But it says wrong answer, don’t know why.
Can anyone help me figure it out?

You are requested not to use the forum to ask questions related to live contests

Thanks but where would i ask, sorry this is my first day here.

Please wait for the contest to get over. you can then refer to the editorials and see others solutions. People will also help you on this forum. try to solve it though as you still have 8 days left. you will learn a lot

Actually I have already solved it, but this sites app saying that its wrong. I doubt is it with the way input values taken and the output is presented, should i follow any procedures?

@sely_88 please refer to this article for beginners also try solving the last(bottom) 1 or 2 problems of easy section in practise to learn about input and output. shouldnt take more than 10 minutes.

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Thanks Dude

it is showing the home page with this message “The requested page could not be found.”

Thanks got the right place to check :slight_smile:

remove the fullstop at the end…this is the like…