it is executing corectly on my PC but on submit it give wrong answer

code deleted

What is the question?

Hi @hanumanramhuda! Please indent your code properly and then post it along with the link to the problem or else provide the link to your submitted solution.

question is that this is successfully giving result in DEV c++ 5.6.1 BUT when I submitted it on codechef then this solution is not accepted but give WRONG ANSWER.

Well, this is an ongoing contest problem, I suggest you delete the code.

Hint: Questions are not to be coded exactly as the statement, there are other ways of solving it. Plus, take care of the output format.

I am not telling whether it is due to some logical error or not. One thing for WA is because you are printing β€œyes” instead of β€œYes”. and No endl for ’ if ’ condition!

Happy Coding

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I got Wrong Answer