Issue Related to new Ratings Div2....


Someone got 2973 Rank in March Cook-off Div 2 (2018) this means that he hasn’t solved even a single problem in March Cook-off 2018 and his rating goes up by +201 points …After solving 2 problems and Rank 887 still, my rating goes up by +81 points. Why ??

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I’m guessing you are asking about this user. You can see from the submissions page here that he has actually solved 3 questions. It is most likely a case of plagiarism, hence submissions have been removed. Sadly there are a lot such cases where the ratings haven’t really reflected changes.

It is best to focus on learning + solving more problems :slight_smile:


Agree completely :slight_smile:

Actually , I thought that may be it is a rating related issue…

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hahaha . I also got increased my rating in that contest . Don’t know when will the rating of Insomnia 2018 be updated.

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