Is this ratings drop justified?

Hi fellow coders,

May Long challenge ended and we just got our new ratings. I got a mail stating that my ratings dropped as my code matched with someone else. I was shocked as this could never happen as I never cheated and neither I used any other IDE other than Codechef IDE so that there is no chance of my code leaking. And the problem is [LADDU][1]. For a problem as straightforward as this, there are several of other solutions I found are quite similar. I am deeply hurt because of this. Is this my fault that my solution is matched with someone else for a simple cakewalk problem like this? I am providing you with the solutions. Please share your opinion on this post.

Solutions detected by MOSS: (My solution) (Detected Solution)

Some more similar solutions:

Why these were not detected? Do you only consider result of MOSS? I can show some more solutions like these.
Also, I have submitted first so how can I cheat? Please @admin look into this and help me.


Can’t I expect anyone to help me in the whole community?

hey ash_code, Can you please email us at help[at] we will look into the issue and will help you with it.

I have emailed you 4 hours ago but there is still no response. Similar thing happened in APR16. Do you really think that someone would cheat for the solution of this LADDU problem? Please reply my email.

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Guys I know many people are upvoting, hence I request you guys to please share if you have any experience like this so that it reaches the admin and necessary changes are made and this never happens again. You can post comments as the post is closed.