Is this a bug?

I solved the task! But it’s now in my Todo List and in the status it is red cross! I wrote the letter, but nobody has answered me, is it normal? Now I can upload photo!alt text,alt text!


you can refresh the page again…if the problem continues then this might be a bug.

It’s last 9 days! Every time when i am online!

then u can send the mail at informing them about ur problem.

Mail them quickly, you can win laddus.

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If my memory serves right, this bug was already reported by @hemant_dhanuka and they were working on it. Try a search and see of that thread is relevant to you. :slight_smile:

I mail them 2 week ago, but they ignore me!

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I send one more time

You can mail them at You will definitely get a reply!

If you mail them in time, you will definitely given laddus.

Updated : Or mail to



They don’t answer, so i wrote here!

No,problem they have also not answered my last two mails…I think we need to wait

@glebodin You need to wait for 3 days. After exactly 3 days, they will reply.

If you want immediate reply, then contact on their facebook page.