Is there some codechef API?

I was looking for a way to filter practice problems into Solved/Unsolved/All categories.

I came upon this discussion after I asked this question. The extension is for Chrome and I generally use firefox. So I thought to write an add-on for firefox. I joined MDN.

I was thinking what was the way to access solved problems? Is there some kind of codechef API for accessing these or is it purely programming language based?


No codechef API.
This firefox add-on which uses this script solves my problem.

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@anshbansal >> Regarding API, there is already a discussion here.

And, for firefox there is an add-on called Greasy Monkey.


As @bugkiller wrote, there is not known API. Idea in my extension is:

  • retrieve logged user
  • for each table showing problems, find if the problem is on user’s profile page (if it’s there user solved the problem) and there is a difference if problem was solved in practice extension shows orange tick, if problem was solved during the contest tick is green