Is there anything wrong with codechef ?

I think there’s a problem by which I can’t visit any other user’s profile or view other people’s solution to practice problems. I am getting an error saying “You are not allowed to check this content”

Is anyone else also experiencing this problem ?


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Yes, Same here too. I am not able to access the problem pages and editorials too.
Hope this gets rectified soon.

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I am able to see the submissions now, i think the problem is resolved…

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Yes, the problem is resolved now :slight_smile:

This happens when they are testing the new updates they are making in the codechef platform. Just wait for a day when you experience these and if the problem still persists then report it to them.

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There is no issue with the site. Which URL’s are you trying to access?

I get the same problem when I view ‘ALL Submissions’ of practice problems

Hi @ashokbugude,

It is due to ongoing SnackDown and June long contest concurrently. All submission for few problems (~10) has been disabled due to the same reason.

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The restriction has been removed now from those pages, and you can view “All submission” for every problem now. :slight_smile: