Is there any option to check for exactly which testcase our programs is giving wrong answer.?

I am new to programming on CODECHEF. I am experiencing this problem in which my program runs perfectly for the given test cases in questions but says wrong answer while submitting. I want to know is there any way to find out for exactly which test case my program is failing?

No, you must deduce them yourself, or ask for help here if the question is in practice section (and not from some contest).

For arguments on why system is so, please give forums a search.

sometimes it shows wrong answer just because :

  1. you have taken int instead of long long int

  2. array size is small

  3. constraints are not satisfying

  4. You are applying some wrong approach although answer is matching for that

particular testcase.

  1. May be your program is correct for all testcase except one corner tricky case,In that case try to think and do more using pen and copy.It Helps a lot.
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Hahaha… hahaha… welcome to the club bro, now you will come to know how does it feels when you code your heart out, but just because of some nasty and unknown corner case, you keep getting WA. :stuck_out_tongue:
P.S - but by not telling that corner case, codechef motivates user to think a lot, and that is a good thing…