Is there any need 2 study Advance Mathematics ?

For solving problems on codechef , is there any need 2 study advance Mathematics like IIT Maths or MIT Maths ? Maths in my clg is poorly taught and the syllabus is also poor
If yes till which extent , what is the best approach , best buk, best tutorials, n till which extent should they b read

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For Easy Problems, a simple Number Theory knowledge is needed and it is generally common sense.

Like when to apply Modulus (%), how to calculate Factorials, and one more thing I would like to answer is, if you are calculating pow(2,N) i.e., 2^N, you should rather use the BitWise Left Shift operator for faster Calculations Like 2^N = 1<<N

Advanced Mathematics is required if you are moving into Complex Problems! That is called Discrete Mathematics!
I am also doing Engineering and I am in the second year, and I also have this subject!

Firstly you should Solve the Easy Problems starting from the Problems with a Greater number of successful submissions!

Its Fun! Code! Practise! Code! Repeat! That’s my motto :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi vaibhav,

for competitive programming mainly logical part of math is required eg, PNC,probability,number theory,geometry(straight line,circle,triangle,polygons),algebra etc. but these topics are said to be logical but you have to learn some basic programming skill like use of operator,sorting and main thing implementation. if you are searching math related problem then you should go for hackerrank mathematics domain. but its better to solve codechef easy problem in bottom up manner as bradley says you will learn while coding. i hope it would help you.

if (you have any query) then ask ;

else happy coding…;