Is there a way to submit for past external contest?

Hello Admin,

I’m wondering is there a way to submit solution for these past contests?

Inscription 2013
TechFest 2013
Code Crunch 2013
Alkhwarism 2013
Cryptoss 2013
UVCE NCode- October 2013
./ Execute 2013

or host a virtual contest like Codefores platform? I tried to search in the practice session, but they’re very arbitrary: some contests were there, some were not.
I think this would be very useful for people who don’t have time to participate during live contest. I myself was very busy with work during the last couple months, and when I was about to join any of those contests, they all ended :frowning:


The only way i know is that go to Practice Session-> Peer-> Copy the question code from the external contests and just search for the code or the name.It will be there in the Peer Section.But it is unfortunate that there is no virtual contest as in codeforces.You will have to do the problem individually.And you cant solve it as a whole.
I would like to suggest CodeChef in doing such an activity.We can get that facilty in codeforces as well as in Topcoder.
By the way it is a nice question…:slight_smile:

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Yes, old contest problems are included in the practice section with same name.

For instance check following example :

Contest Problem Link: link text

Practice Problem Link:link text

Just remove contest code (MAY13 in our case) from contest problem URL and you are done.

Hope it helps, Best Luck :slight_smile: