Is there a change in memory allocation policy?

This is my submission(

[1]) for CHBLLNS([link][2]) problem.

The solution is O(1).

The submission takes 0.00 time but <b>15.7M</b> memory.

Previously when I submitted O(1) codes in C++14, it hardly took any memory. Took maybe around <b>3.2M</b> or something. 

Why is the memory difference, Is there any change in memory allocation policy?

Obviously it wont affect codes taking smaller memory to execute, but codes including Segment tree, Persistent data structures or HLD would take a lot of memory, if scaled by this submission, and may give SIGSEV.

I have been observing this memory increase for a past week or so. Curious to know why this happens!


I have also observed the same. The changes, for e.g. C(2M to 10.1M), C++(3.2 to 15.7), PYTH3(8.5M to 27.7M), JAVA(1273M to 4280M) are significant.

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Same here. I was surprised to find my Java submissions use 4284 MB, which would have been impossible earlier. @admin can you confirm whether memory limits have been changed?


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