Is the hardest easy problem easier than the easiest medium problem?

I’m just starting out on this website and I’m wondering where should I start.

A lot depends on your previous programming experience and intelligence.If you are a beginner i would suggest you first start with the last (bottom most) problem in easy and move up the ladder depending on how comfortable you are.

If you are a beginner , i would suggest you spend considerable time in easy as the top problems are also very tough, sometimes tougher than the last few problems of medium. The main problem with going to medium straight away is that these problems require not only good logic but in many cases knowledge of advanced data structures which you get with experience.

Fell free to attempt and proceed as you find comfortable.Happy coding

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They can be but, not in terms of concept. There might be so many corner cases and other things you aren’t consider while you solve the problem which makes it harder as compared to medium problem but in terms of concept and thinking they are easy.

You can start from the easy section problem which have high submission and accuray rate.

P.S: Some people find one problem easy which is difficult for others.

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