Is something wrong with codechef's code- editor?

I have been submitting codes on code chef for last one year and have had no problem in submitting my codes, but for the last one day or so I am finding something very weird happening. The code that I am pasting in the text- editor is not getting passed to the code chef compiler, but only a fraction of the code is getting passed on and hence it is showing compilation error, eg:- For the solution of , I am pasting the code that I wrote for this question when it appeared in the March cook off i.e (accepted)
but only a fraction of it is getting passed on and hence it is showing compilation error, Is anyone else also facing this problem?

I tried that and it works fine for me, with your code and also with mine.

Are you sure that you have everything in clipboard?

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Yes, everything was in the clipboard, as a matter of fact at the point of submitting I am checking upto the last return statement and everything is there. But after submitting when I check my submission then I find that only the first 26-27 lines are getting passed to the compiler. Somebody please help !!!

Maybe you can try another browser. Which browser are you using ? I tried in Chrome…

@betlista Thanks a lot bro, I changed my browser and it worked! Can’t figure out how it depends on browser though, Anyways thanks a lot again and best of luck for your life :slight_smile:

Also make sure to add a lot of newlines at the end of your code