Is somebody else also missing the "Edit Comment" Button?

I am unable to edit comments because that button literally disappeared into thin air. :confused:

I mean, it was there yesterday (because I edited some comments), and at the moment I found that my explanation in one of the comments was kind of vague/could be misinterpreted. So I decided to edit it out, only to see that edit button has disappeared.

Can @admin please look into it?

EDIT- Image of what I am seeing-

alt text

EDIT - 2-

The edit button appeared when I checked this thread again, and disappeared on refreshing the page. I think its a bug. @admin, please have a look into this.


Let me comment

I can see the edit button.

Lol, i cant T_T :_(

I can also see…usually these kind of things happen to me,but not today.

You mean it fixes automatically?

yes,I suppose