Is it better to re-implement algorithms and DS or use our own created libraries?

I don’t understand if it is better to create our libraries which I can use again and again in a competitive programming competition or is it better to re-implement them again and again.

Pros for re-implementation:

  1. More practice of implementation of algorithms and DS
  2. Can easily tweak it
  3. Makes a better typer
  4. Can help in interviews


  1. Time-consuming even for implementations one knows by heart

Pros for libraries:

  1. Saves time
  2. Teaches how to maintain a huge code base and which one should be used when
  3. Teaches how to modify existing code as per our need without killing its real purpose


  1. One might forget implementations

So what are your views and what is better in long run?

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Create your own library and use in live contests where time matters.
Re-implement them when you are trying some question in practice. In practice you can afford time and brush up your skills.