Is it a bug?

An interesting bug I found today

Recently, I was at 10th rank in Top Contributors in Discuss, with (if I recount correctly) 60-70 KARMA. Now, there was another user, (name somewhere along lines “shivam_XXX” (X is number I cant recount atm.) ) whose KARMA score was equal to me.

So what I noticed is, that initially, I was given 10th rank, while he got 11th. After ~2-3 hours, I was given 11th and he was given 10th (No new Q or Ans seen in his profile)

I decided to confirm it, and here were the results-

Intially- Me
After 2-3 hours- Shivam
Another 1-2 hours- Me. 
Next hour- Me.
Next hour- Shivam

(After that I received an upvote so couldn’t see further XD)

And so on. Meaning, the ranks kept bouncing in between, while neither of us got any karma. (I did kept posting answers, but their frequency was certainly more than his, so if the ranks were dependent on number of answers in case of tie, no “jumping/shuffling” of our ranks should had occurred cause I posted answers more frequently.)

So, is this a bug? Or is it some intended tie breaker mechanism? If so, then does anybody know on what basis it breaks tie?

And if its a bug, I humbly bring it to @admin’s notice. :slight_smile:

Answers would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


This is not a bug that you are thinking, it purely a algorithm that are still unknown to us, which will decide at what rank should the user be assigned at the time of equal karma~

And yes, i also wanna know about that procedure or algorithm they used here!

It’s still a question there

Yes it’s not a bug, it also happened with me lot of times.


BTW: Anyone knows how to close this? The Q is answered and I was thinking of closing this thread now, but couldn’t find any such button.

Help would be appreciated!!! (Thanks for answering once again!!! :slight_smile: )

To close your question you should have minimum 250 karma points. You can see here to know more.

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Thanks a lot dear!! (Damn, I thought it was 100 for some reason XD)