Is HackerRank Down?

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, anyways, is HackerRank down? I am not able to open from morning. I am getting “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE”.

No, its not at all down.
There are still competitions going on it like week of Code 34,Project Euler+, it can’t be down.

The Below are the actual reasons due to which you may face the error err_empty_response:
(1) We should have a working and active internet connection. If we don’t have an active internet connection then we may face this error.
(2) Some of Google Chrome files may be knowingly or unknowingly deleted by other programs.
(3) If there is a problem in Windows registry then we may face the err err_empty_response.
Any harmful programs may cause this error.
(4) If Google Chrome is not installed properly then we may face this error.

My internet is working and I checked with google chrome as well as firefox.

Clear the cache & cookies of your browser & then try buddy.

Even tried that.

My hackerrank is opening perfectly.

No chaitanya, I was working on Hackerrank from afternoon for Week of code 34.
You can check my last submission here:- ( )

Else,try to open Hackerrank through some other proxy

Sorry if that sounded harsh. I will find other alternatives, thanks a lot.