Is Codechef Ide secure?


can we compile our code using Codechef Ide during live contest especially in Codechef Long Contest?

Is there any issue with solution security?

because I used Codechef Ide only in some live contests, but now I am little worrying about the security of my solution.

I just want to be sure, Is there any case when code compiled at Codechef Ide got published publicly like Ideone(public mode).

can you guys suggest me any online secure Ide?

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nope,it is like unsaved close the ide tab and it’s gone they don’t store your don’t worry.

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Yeah, the codechef IDE is completely safe and secure. I personally have used it in many contests. Unlike ideone, it does not provide the feature of making the solution public. So, you cannot even accidentally share your code. Use it carefree!

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Looking for Admin answer…:slight_smile:

Yes it is. Use it without any fear. Its always preferable over ideone specifically during live contest as codechef ide will ensure no one else can access your code.

Yes secure than ideone…

I guess TutorialsPoint’s Coding Ground is also secure until i select the Share Command from the Project’s menu right?