Is codechef fake and against the spirit of coding?If not why this?

What the hell is going on here??I have not copied nor have I shared any of my code with anyone.Still they say it is some violation of code of conduct.I am a bangalorean and some guy called Rakesh Kumar has submitted a similar code as mine.I don’t even know this guy.He’s from UP or delhi.I have never gone out of bangalore nor do I have any relatives or cousins outside bangalore.I have put sincere efforts in coding.It is clearly visible that I have scored more points than him.I had a 4 digit rank for which I had worked for months only on codechef not knowing that such a blatant abuse is going to happen.You guys are putting the whole spirit of coding to shame.I would have not started with codechef at all if these type of idiotic shit was taking place.Please after login of each user please mention this non-sense is going to take place otherwise people like me would have to go through the same thing as I am.I would have built my ratings on codeforces or topcoder if this was the case.It is a direct attack on sincere coders.And the reply I get is see the code of conduct see the code of conduct.Is the other guy investigated at all.If you guys have a low level incompetent system to detect plagiarism don’t blame it on coders like me.I feel idiotic not concentrating on my exams and coding the long contest fucking up my grades and all just for this.Are you guys really running the company keeping the coders in mind or is it yet another buffoonery.This makes me feel very sad at this point.


This way of judging that someone has copied the code is absolutely dumb.Even i also got an email and my submission for march is now removed,never ever i met that guy nor do i know him…My all efforts simply goes in vain.I request codechef team to sincerely look in this matter and make some modification in this system because when so many people are submitting the code sometime code become similar particularly for easy problems…


First of all, please use proper and descent words while explaining your problem. I know you are angry and frustated but atleast you could have used proper language.

Do you use ideone ? If yes , then the other guy must have copied your code and submitted your solution.
Codechef clearly says that you should keep your code private while using ideone.

I think, you must concentrate on building your skills rather than ratings. Ratings would eventually increase once you have built your skills.

And Codechef is a very good platform for learning.

Keep Calm and Code ON !!!

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**First of all avoid using FOUL WORDS when you are on discussion forum.

Next it may be an error, by MOSS grading system as both of you mentioned by Codechef may have implemented similar logic… of you may have used IDEONE and kept visibility public.

There are many similar complaints go through them, for example

Read this thread, go through Code of Conduct and Blog Post on Cheating saga and if you feel you are wrongly penalized, drop an email to codechef.

You may even write them @

If you have not done anything then dont worry Codechef will retain your ratings and rankings…


Have a nice day… :slight_smile:

-1 Just because you used Foul words…

Yes I have edited the question.But it was my frustration as it was my hard effort.Hope you understand.

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Yes I have edited the question.But it was my frustration as it was my hard effort.Hope you understand.

Very true.

Well , thats the spirit. Don’t care about ratings, improve your skills. Let me tell you few topcoders from India who don’t even care about their ratings and this would motivate you. See these , , , , See their rating graphs.

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Thanks a lot for the support man.I am very thankful.

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yes bro i can understand your feelings, i have also gave the contest… i know what it takes to solve even 2 questions…

but don’t worry if you have not done anything wrong you will not be penalized… you’ll get back your ratings…

Just Chill!!

Just contact Codechef… do not lose your Enthusiasm… meanwhile keep solving questions, and stay happy… :slight_smile:

And So +1 for your post… Enjoy… :slight_smile:

Keep Coding…!!

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Thanks so much.

Indeed @shivam217

What actually important is to learn… Compete with yourself…

Ratings can be regained, just solve 6-7 problems and you’ll cover all your ratings in one contest…!!

@getsuga Just keep on coding, and contact codechef for assistance… :slight_smile:

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