Is CodeChef Discuss Forum really helpful??

I am from a college who doesn’t have any coding culture. In fact, I am the only one who is more into the competitive programming. I don’t have anyone to guide me or help me in college. When I was a beginner, this forum was really helpful for my doubts. And many active contributors like vijju123 help a lot to the beginners. But as my doubts went to some advanced topics like dynamic programming, my questions remained unanswered. My last 4 questions are still unanswered. My doubts are genuine, I try a lot before asking them here, but don’t get help, which sometimes causes frustration. What should I do? Where should I clear my doubts?

The problem is - I don’t know if you are trying hard or not (it is quite possible that you do - I have no idea), but your questions don’t look good. I just checked 3 questions you are talking about and put some quick answers to 2 of them. See, no matter how good and helpful CodeChef forum is, if you want to get good answers, you need to start with asking good questions.

Here is what I see:

  1. “I don’t understand solution from editorial, can you explain it to me?” - well… Let’s check editorial… Looks good&clear… Should I just re-write it again in different words or what? At least tell what exactly part you don’t understand. And maybe read editorial once again, it is clear. Oh, and asking about unclear part right there at CF in editorial discussion makes more sense.

  2. “Can somebody provide non-recursive solution? I only see recursive one in editorial.” - come on, there is non-recursive code by tester. Plus all codes are public, so you can go through them and find some which will make it clear to you. Or you want “non-recursive description”? Which is basically once again “rewrite same stuff in different words”, plus it will take a lot of time and effort to make it detailed enough, so no surprise nobody is really willing to do it.

  3. “Here is some problem, I’m not going to give exact statement, but I will provide something unsolvable instead, can you help me?” - sure, you provided some problem which is not really solvable in polynomial time and you expect folks from forum to solve it for you. Maybe they should also provide proof of P?=NP for you? :slight_smile: Either the problem is from some trashy contest and we are expected to provide some shitty wrong solution, or you missed something while telling what was the problem about.


Your words are true. This is EXACTLY the same thing I started had in mind when I read those questions.

@lebron Thank you for the answer.

  1. I always check editorial before asking anything. But, Sometimes when I don’t get the most of the part of the editorial, I ask for a detailed or an easy to understand explanation.
  2. I had seen the non-recursive code by the tester. But, I didn’t get his solution. I am new to the Bitmask-Dp.
    (Sometimes so obvious things for good coders is not so obvious for beginners).
  3. I accept that problem was from a trashy contest from a “not to be trusted” coding platform. Whatever details I provided were mostly same to the original problem. Since the problem was not available after the contest, so I couldn’t post the original one.

Thank you!! I’ll keep your points before asking questions.