Is Chef and sign sequnces accepting a wrong answer??

I had been submitting my code(which I think is correct) many times …
but after submission what I got was WA in 3,4,5,8 cases.

But after that I submitted a code of inconvenient logic ,i.e, longest sequence and …it accepted. I checked the answers by both the code for this sequence “<<><<<” which shall be 5 because “1<2<3>2<3<4<5” . The code which was not accepted gave the answer 5 while the code that was accepted gave 4. Can anyone please explain whats happening!!


can any one help i am also getting same :frowning:

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I got my answer
the answer is right

can you help me with test case 3,0,4,7

Observe the question carefully and try harder. Check all cases by your own and see the relation between answer and the sequence. I hope you will get the answer soon.

:frowning: working hard from 2 days

Don’t discuss a problem which is in an ongoing contest. Ask them after the contest and we’ll be glad to help then!

Its sad that this has been here since hours and admins havent taken an action. I just dont know what are they doing.

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