Is Chef Against Facebook Hacker Cup

Is this facebook hacker cup legal. And if not then, why CodeChef is allowing anyone to post illeagal material on its forum? I think the forum should be sanitized and also CodeChef should prevent its users from indulging themselves in these types of illegal contests.

Sorry, what are you talking about? Can you specify in more detail what seems as “illegal” to you? Thanks


Dude, are you perhaps thinking that its a contest to hack facebook accounts?


But you still didn’t specify what is “illegal”. Read here about it - also read this to understand the meaning of “hacker” in the competition name :wink:

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Hey namankumar, Yes, Hacker Cup is absolutely legal. If you think otherwise, can you be a bit more elaborate and tell why do you think Facebook Hacker Cup is illegal?

Here we go guys and girls, this is an example of someone who jumps into conlusions based on very vague stuff like names.

(I myself consider using “hacking” in relation to algorithmic programming extremely cringeworthy, because it’s the kind of thing a kid that has no idea about actual programming whatsoever would say, but calling it illegal *facepalm*.)