Is books of C/C++ of Yashavant Kantekar is not good

Hey is Let Us C/Let Us C++ are not good books author is Yashavant Kanetkar ??

Let Us C

alt text

Let Us C++

alt text

All I would say is that there are better books to study from :slight_smile:

If you know nothing in programming, then i would suggest you to read it first. This will help us understand what programming. But you will not improve as a programmer if you stick on with that book. There are better books out there! So once you understand what programming is go for standard book! As wittyceasar said there are better books available in the market :slight_smile:

Keep Calm and Learn Programming


I have glanced through the book as it is supposedly called the Bible for C at my university and I would not personally suggest it to anyone. If someone is genuinely trying to learn the C language, one of the best free online courses on C is the one on youtube/reddit by Carl Herold and it is highly underrated as well .It is a series of ~60 video lectures(each averaging about 7-8 mins) followed by ~20-30 text lectures - these are the ones at the end for which Carl couldnt make video demos as he stopped due to some personal reasons. For a reference, I have also referred Buckys(New Boston) for tutorials and if I had to rate them - If Carl’s course would be a 8/10, buckys would have to be a 6.5/10.

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