ipc trainer july challenge

two trainers can come on the same day? please clear this doubt?

yeah,if there was just one trainer in single day,i would have got AC in first go…nd dude helpme with karma, icant ask questions.

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You can ask questions actually. You dont need help with karma.

hey any ideas for this…i have an array,i build a segment tree of that array now i have given a range of indexes and for that i have to return the value of index at which there is a max_element,suppose my array is [1,7,3,9,5] and range of index is [1,3] so my output should be 2(as on index 2 there is max element in the range (1,3)…example 2: if my array is [1,1,7,3,5] and index ranges is (1,3)(indexing 1 based) then my output can be either 2 or 3 both is fine… any help would be apprectiated.