IOPC 15 I : approach to solve

No, I am not asking for the specific question’s answer. I am asking for ways to learn how to crack such problems. I know, it’s a deal of practice but the real question is where? Where do I attain algorithmic thinking?
The question is simple, and three fold:

  1. Where can I learn how to take fast inputs?

  2. Where do I get practice questions such as these?

  3. Why are my solutions getting WA while other solutions implementing same logic pass through?

I know it’s a generic question but it really irritates me when implementation supersedes logic in answering a question.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry if anyone is offended.

  1. This question did not need any such fast inputs

  2. This question was very similar to :

  3. How are people supposed to tell you the reason why you keep getting WAs without even showing us your code or telling the approach you took to solve the problem ?

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