IOI, INOI, ZCO problems

Is it possible to upload the previous IOI, INOI, ZCO question on codechef for practice ? It will probably help a lot more students in preparation for the Olympiad. The official test data for IOI’s is already available on the official site.


Yes very much. We will be happy to do so. However, we will need someone to do it for us. The problems along with the test data are also available to be uploaded.

We will be happy to provide an internship under CodeChef to those who will be interested in uploading these problems and also provide solutions as well as editorials to them.


For IOI Problems, we already have judges:


Thus, I don’t think codechef needs to add IOI problems. As for their editorials, IOI problems always have official solutions which are well written. So, that effort isn’t required.

Coming to editorials of ZCO/INOI, I would say that its better we don’t add editorials for them. This is because, in early stages of programming, students tend to skip to solutions without properly thinking about questions. This hinders development of thinking capacity required for IOI. ZCO/INOI have very easy questions, and in my opinion, they should remain a challenge to students. The [IARCS judge][3] is sufficient. I have requested Madhavan Mukund sir to add the ZCO/INOI problems to that judge.

Since, you mentioned practice, the best form of practice, according to me, is codechef long challenge. It teaches you almost all the algorithms you will ever require. Let codechef concentrate on hosting these problems rather than problems of ZCO/INOI/IOI.


IOI 2014


I didn’t ask for solutions anyway but I think there should at least be a judge where students can check solutions to the ZCO/INOI problems that they have coded. As for the IOI judges you mentioned they don’t have all the problems

wcipeg has all the problems except the interactive ones. I am not sure whether codechef can host those problems either. As for the judge, I have asked Madhavan Mukund sir to see to it. Let codechef focus on what it is meant for, i.e., high level contests.

Yeah, they will be added to IARCS. The test data for ZCO/INOI isn’t present online, is it?
Also, Brian Bi is working on modifying WCIPEG to support interactive problems. They will be there soon.

I have the data of INOI for last 2 years and this year . I don’t know about the previous ones but I thought that codechef could collaborate with IARCS to come up with a solution. Anyways as it will be added to IARCS judge anyway I don’t have any problem

You must understand that the absence of interactive problems on wcipeg is because of a reason. Interactive problems require customised judges to be written, in contrast to the simple file matching that is required for binary problems. There are three contests to be hosted each month. That is substantial work load in itself. So, not adding to that, wait for wcipeg to upload the problems. By the time you reach that level, wcipeg will have uploaded the problems.

Close. However, these notes mainly contain detailed solutions to specific IOI problems. It is better that you try to do 7-8 problems on codechef long. Some codechef longs contain 6 easy problems. Those dont count.