Invitation to the ICO preparatory contest 6

INOI is fast approaching on 7th Jan and to do well, we all need practice.

So, here we present the INOI preparatory contest to be held on 4th january 2017, having 4 problems to be solved within a time of 3 hours beginning 7:30pm.

Problem Setters: Adhyyan Sekhsaria, Istasis Mishra and Soham Mukherjee.

Problem Testers: Soham Mukherjee and Taranpreet Singh

Editorials: Taranpreet Singh

Be sure not to miss the fun, for there might be some simple savage problems too. :wink:

Contest Date: 4th January 2017

Contest Time: 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Contest link.

Hope you all enjoy this contest and get selected in ioitc.


Contest Started…