Invitation to RATED Contest(Div1+Div2) Enigma on Codechef, 10 January 2019

Hello, CodeChef community,

Tired of searching for the perfect teammates in every competition? Want to prove your worth as a solo coder? Looking for the perfect platform to display your skills?

This solo coding competition is designed for the masterminds who think they perform best alone.

Interested? Wanna find out more about it? No Problem! Plinth in association with Aavas Financiers Limited has a rated contest on CodeChef waiting just for you!

The contest shall be a great opportunity for students to test their programming aptitude. This national level programming contest shall assess the intelligence of participants through various rounds. It is an Online Qualifier Round for the Onsite Round to be held during Plinth’19.

There will be 2 rounds to decide the winner:

First Round: Online Qualifier for onsite will be held on 10th January 2019 on Codechef which is a rated round(Div1+Div2).

Second Round: Onsite round will be held at The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur on 20th January. More details will be announced later.

The Contest details of Enigma’19 are as follows:

  • Contest duration will be 3 hours.

  • Solo Coding Event

  • Start time: 10th January 2019, 21:00 hrs IST

  • End time: 11th January 2019, 00:00 hrs IST

Contest Link: Click Here

Problem Setters: panik xodiac aditya10_ tds115

alt text

Good Luck and have Fun!


don’t For to register for the event here so as to be selected for the enigma onsite round:
click here
Hope you find the problem set challenging enough.
Happy Coding :slight_smile:

You promise editorials on time ??


Yup, tommorow 6pm. Questions have been move to practice. Do let us know your Feedback about the Problem Set.
Happy Coding!

Question were good.


Good round:)


thank you :slight_smile:

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Editorials have been added. To find the editorials search pelt2019 or the problem code

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Ratings for this contest has not yet been updated :frowning: @admin please look into this matter


Why ratings are not updated for this External contest??give me reason…!!@admin
@vijju123.Thank you.


We are on it for the rating changes. Dont worry.

Will we be rated according to our rating at the time of the contest or the one after Jan long ?

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The ratings seem to be updated but they don’t make any sense.

  1. I had a rating of 1810 before both(this and JAN LONG) the contests.

  2. After giving this contest my rating was increased to 1910(+100) but these changes were undone, so I got back to 1810. Fair Enough.

  3. So after JAN LONG, my rating increased to 1976(+166) from 1810.

  4. But now the updates show, that first I got +100 from this contest and +66 from JAN LONG, so my net rating stays at 1976. It doesn’t make any sense. Even if 1910(+100 from 1810) was taken as the base for JAN LONG, surely I cannot go from +166 to +66.

This happened to everyone I know. Actual rating change due to JAN LONG was just distributed over JAN LONG and this contest. Then why even make this rated in the first place?

@vijju123, @admin


This is weird :frowning: I had participated in the division B of JAN Long 19. This contest had increased my rating to 1809(+127). Later the rating changes were taken off saying it is going to be updated after the ongoing Long challenge. Now when it is updated, it has judged my Jan Long Challenge performance on the rating that I had after this contest. This is quite disappointing :frowning: Will sit for external rated contests from now on only when no internal rated contests are going on.


Ratings are just unfair…!!

  • My rating before(this and JAN Challenge) is 1484.
  • And after this challenge +83.So 1567.And it is reverted back to 1484.Due to running of JAN Long challenge.
  • And after long challenge it is +97 ,which is 1581.
  • And Now ratings are updated 1567(this External rating contest ).And +14 for Jan Long challenge.
  • This is so unfair because my rank was 2673.which is 1/4th of 13,000 participants.
  • And I get +14…Need to go through once.@admin @vijju123.

Ratings are just unfair…!!! @admin @vijju123.


Nice cover to make the contest pratically unrated. Dont advertise your contest as rated if you can’t afford to actually do so. People put their precious time into it.


I totally relate to you. Hope something can be done about it.


They just blame the people…!!!


Why are the problems and ranklist hidden?