Invitation to QuickMatch 10.5

Was supposed to have hires in gurgaon region, however removing hiring version. Contest will happen though. Last year I had done a job which held me from help hiring for 3 years. I wanted to do it, but my friends are warning me from doing it, I might be in trouble if I do so.


“however removing hiring version”. What does this statement mean?

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I was planning to bring companies to help them find coders for hiring.

So this contest is rated or not?

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What about prizes ?? (It is mentioned “Later” in the contest page)

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oh sry updating, 200 (or 250 forgot will ask) laddus were awarded to top 3.

its not rated in codechef, but it is rated in, we are building v3 of competitive programming, check

Thanks for the reply sir,please update in the contest page also.