Invitation to Quick Match 6 and Quick Match 8 (Paid)

Please, Fill Survey form of QuickMatch 8.
Please fill the form so that I can announce the prize money for the contest beforehand. Possibly will host the contest towards the end of feb 2018.

Also invited to quick match 6. Will be hosted this sunday (21st jan) 10 am.

Edit 1: Thank you quick match 8: 16 registrants and counting <3 !!!

More about Quick Matches (Paid):

  1. Every coder pays rs. 25, and the collected money is distributed in the leaderboard.

  2. Since its “solve easy problems fast”, anyone can win.

  3. rs. 5 from rs. 25 is kept by keteki.

Is it legal to host such contest? Sounds like street gambling with cards.


Yes that was my concern too. I have read through, if you yourself do something after paying then that is not gambling. Like poker, its not gambling. But betting on horse racing is gambling.

thanks for your concern!

Such ideas/contests should not be promoted on Codechef platform. @admin, @vijju123 please look into this.


For the second question there where a lot of O((n-k)*k) solutions that easily passed. They should have timed out for n=1e5 and k=1e4 .

How can it be done in O(n) ?

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25 bucks for copied questions ?

Solution for the second problem :

Do not copy the questions if you are collecting money for a contest!!

-1 for Keteki QuickMatch 8!

Oh :frowning: seems like it was my mistake during setting…

The problem is setting and testing is done by same person (manually) due to lack of funds.

Very sorry… what to do? Should the contest be unrated? It doesn’t seem fair…

Will try to host a 6.5, its so damn hard :frowning:

edit 1: nonono its not copied!! its coincidence, promise!!!