Invitation to ProCon 2018


We at IIIT-Delhi would like to invite you to ProCon 2018, the annual programming contest conducted as a part of our technical festival — Esya. It will start at 21:00 IST on 16th August, 2018. There will be 6 problems of varying difficulty to be solved within a duration of 2 hours, with ACM-ICPC style scoring. The contest will be rated for everyone (Division 1 and Division 2). Top participants will be rewarded CodeChef Laddus. Moreover, there will be Cash Prizes for the Top 3 Indian contestants.

Happy Coding!

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Solution 1 :-
Solution 2 :-

Hey can u tell me why the solution 1 is not working while the solution 2 is giving the correct answer . The only difference between them is in first solution i have used the setprecision and in the second one i have used printf()

srry i forgot to add the question link
Question link :-

You didn’t use fixed with cout.

Is there any difference on relative error if fixed is used?

Yes, there might be a difference. This is because setprecision defines the total number of digits to be printed when used without fixed (default format) rather than the number of digits after the decimal point.

I am neither able to open anyone’s submission from contest… why not ?

The practice pages: The Great Run Kill them with your success Awkward Pairs Algebra Score Good Speech The Illusionist

yeah i tried to edit my answer… but its not working…
edit: I am not able to open anyone’s submission from contest… why not ?

thanks for links though…

This contest is very comfortable, thank you very much for preparing the contest. WoW

Can anyone pls provide the editorial of ALGEBRA SCORE