Invitation to Keteki Dev Contest


As posted here [][2]

Please take part, point systems needs to be created. A rate card, don’t know how to do. Hope everything goes fair.

As for me I am keeping 10k rs. (to run keteki and personal expenses etc.) So the total budget is 50k. Transparency.

If this goes well hopefully, the 2nd project would be launched at the middle of coding phase of this project.

I am not sure about NDA thing, please let me know if any problem by mail.

Please share with developers…

The dates are not final. Its almost like a draft. Mostly the money is final. Will see, just share and spread! And register!

Amen, hope this works!!! :slight_smile:
(And is there a redirect hack? Hopefully that was a bug on the browser)

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Good Luck :slight_smile: Working on the UI? And a list showing contests?
And which judge are you using to run the submitted codes?

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thanks, yes a little bit. Kindof. I use Codechef itself to host the contests :).

Not working :frowning: no one registering, Please take part :slight_smile:

Edit: Yaay! 1 participant!!! Hope to see more!!! yaay!