Invitation to keteki code hustle 2

Please visit to know details how to register.

Know more about the format here

Please note that this time using paytm so please let me know the codechef handle and email in the payment description. If it doesnt fit in then at least the codechef handle, I will call and know the email, if prize is won.

The registration fees right now is rs. 25 of which 5 rs. is kept for expenses etc. and rs. 20 would be distributed amongst winners. One winner for now. But as time passes there would be rooms… Amen.

Please spread, its ‘solve easy problems fast’ so anyone could win!


wow! amazing initiative, I must say. These things actually motivate the new coders a lot and gives them with a hope of success !

Keep up the good work, bro.
Happy Coding! :smiley:

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thanks, and you take part too man :wink:

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please :frowning: only one registration :frowning:

Kindly register and take part people!

edit: yaay! 4 registrations… huge success for 2nd code hustle… thanks!

Really thanks!!

Hope to see more taking part in code hustle 3…