Invitation to International Coding League 2017- Rated Contest


Computer Science Association & Association of Computing Machinery, BITS PILANI, Pilani Campus presents you their flagship contest, “International Coding League 2017”. It is being organised as a part of our technical fest, Apogee.

The contest will be External rated contest and will be of 3 hours.

Contest Link :

Start Time : 21:00 IST, 26th March’ 2017

Prizes: Worth Rs 20000 (10k + 6k + 4k) for top 3 Indian winners.

Also top 5 Global winners and top 5 Indian winners will get 300 laddus each.

The contest consists of 6 algorithmic problems of varying difficulty. The problems have been set such that even beginners can attempt a few problems and even the best coders find tough job ahead at the hard ones. So, it is advised to read every problem in the contest. The detailed editorials of all the problems with the Setter’s & Tester’s code will be uploaded immediately after the contest so that you may benefit from it.

The problems have been set by me, Eklavya and Chirag. The testers of the round are Akulsareen, Ankit and Arjun Dabra. The editorials of the problems have been written be me and Eklavya. I would also like to thank Arjun Arul from Codechef team for going through the problems and improving the statements as well.

To participate in the contest, you just need a Codechef handle and then just click on the link mentioned above for participating for the contest.

I hope you enjoy the contest and Happy Coding :slight_smile:


Please register on this form for prizes.