Invitation to HumbleFool Cup 2018

Topcoder and Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Allahabad are back with the 2nd edition of Humblefool Cup Algorithm Match in fond memory of Harsha Suryanarayana humblefool

Humblefool Cup is organized every year to preserve his legacy and contribution to the Community.

There will be two rounds: Qualifying Round and Onsite Finals

Qualifying Round – 20the Feb 2018 07:00 UTC -5 (See what time it starts in your area)

  • This round will be conducted alongside SRM 730. To participate in the Humblefool Cup you have to enter the Humblefool Cup Round and not SRM 730.
  • The top 30 students located in India will be invited to compete onsite at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad.
  • The best ranked student in the qualifying round (not located in India) will be awarded 100 Dollar prize money.

Onsite Finals

  • The top 30 best students from the qualifying round will compete onsite to win the Humblefool Cup Medals and 450 Dollar in cash and goodies. The finalists will also receive Topcoder Humblefool Cup t-shirts.

Register Here to be eligible for prizes and participation in onsite round.

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Ohh Yeah !!


May be some day we will organize humblefoool cup too.


@priyanshukm can u confirm me that he was from 2002-2006 batch in iiit allahabad ?

&& how harsh suryanaraya became so great in such a short span of time …

@priyanshukm can only college students participate ?

&& why it is said that he is the best coder india ever produced ? is it true in today’s scenario also ?

what u think ?

@square_root_pi You can read this -> Tribute_To_@humblefool


You can refer to the comment by @sfialok98 .
And yes in today’s scenario, he would have achieved even more.

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wow!! enjoyed reading … initially i think that only gennady and petr like people can achive such things !!

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What the hell is award points? I did it by mistake and now I am not able to comment anywhere except on my own comment.

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