Invitation to HumbleFool Cup 2016

Hi everyone ,

The much awaited signature event of IIIT ALLAHABAD’s Tech Fest Aparoksha 16 is here to endeavour with a challenging problem set and prizes in Cash amounting to INR 30000 to be won. Get yourself ready to hone your programming skills and take home the respect and cash :slight_smile:

The WINNERS will get HUMBLEFOOL TROPHY . :smiley:

It is a team event with maximum size of the team being 3 members .
HumbleFool Cup will have 2 rounds :
Round 1: Online Qualifiers on March 11 from IST 9 pm to 12 am .
Round 2: Onsite Finals during Aparoksha

Problem setters and testers :-
Lavesh Kaushik , SP Harish , Anand Kotriwal , Mohit Pandey , Teja Vojjala , Shivam Garg
In each round ,the problems will be of varying difficulty- from cakewalk to hard .

Codechef will host this contest :slight_smile:
Contest link :-HumbleFool Cup Qualifiers

Facebook Event link:- Event Link

Register your teams now , and yes to be eligible for prizes, fill the google doc as well on the contest page :slight_smile:

PS:- Accomodation is free if you clear first round

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Two strings

“if character at the ith index is not equal to all of its adjacent characters”

what should I understand this ?

It should be
“if character at the ith index is not equal to any of its adjacent characters”

Both these have totally different meaning