Invitation to Geek-a-Hertz Binary Master's Online Round

Hello Codechef community,

St.Mark’s Sr. Sec. Public School presents you their flagship contest, “Geek-a-hertz Binary Masters 2017”. It is being organised as a part of their technical fest, Geek-a-Hertz.

Contest Link :

Start Time : 18:00 IST, 20th November’ 2017

alt text

The contest is a team contest, with teams upto 2 members. This round will serve as qualification for Delhi School students for the onsite round on 22nd November. The problemset will consists of 5 problems. IOI ranking will be followed, meaning there will be partial subtasks in each problem.
The rounds have been prepared by me and the editorials of the problems will also be available after the round.

The difficulty of the problems will be maximum Div2 D as compared to normal Codeforces round. Also, it will be a good practice round for ZCO aspirants.

To participate in the contest, you just need a Codechef handle and then just click on the link mentioned above for participating for the contest.

I hope you enjoy the contest and Happy Coding :slight_smile:

UPDATE 1: The contest has started and is of 4 hours.


Ahh! Eagerly waiting for another contest prepared by @likecs after the MEGA Septembor COOK-OFF.

Fun to take part in it! :smiley:

All the editorials are posted below:

Hope you all enjoyed the contest.

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When will the list of qualified teams be announced???

By tomorrow for sure as the onsite is on Wednesday.

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