Invitation to CodeRed- 2019 by IIIT Allahabad

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UPD- The editorials are posted here - 2 of the remaining ones will be posted in few hours.

UPD - The hints to the problems are mentioned for now here -

Aparoksha 2019 presents to you an flagship event CODERED yet again for the second time.
Get yourself ready to hone your programming skills and take home the respect and cash. It is a team event with a maximum size of the team being 3 members.
The contest is open for both professionals as well as students. (All the team members need not belong to the same organization/institute).

Previous year’s CodeRed 2018 contest was a massive success with over 900 teams participating in it.

The preliminary round will be held on CodeChef, and the onsite round will be held during Aparoksha.
There is a slot for 40 teams in the onsite round.
The problem set for the preliminary round will comprise 7 problems of varying difficulty, and will span 4.5 hours.

Contest link is here - CodeRed 2019

Total Prizes are worth INR 1,25,000 (Including goodies for all teams selected for onsite round, travel expenses and cash prizes worth INR 50,000). Cash prizes of total worth INR 4K, 2.5K, and 1.5K respectively, along with Codechef laddus for top 3 teams in Online Round as well. Aparoksha T-shirts for all onsite team members.

So be ready to have a nail-biting experience on March 2 (9 pm) to March 3 (1 :30 am) IST.
Register right now here to be eligible for prize money.

Facebook CodeRed Page - CodeRed IIIT A

Problem Setters and Testers - Shivam Garg, Saurabh Kumar, Vaibhav Srivastava, Sahil Prakash, Ankit Rao, and Mohammad Aquib.

Code ON !! :smiley:



Question in contest -

Original problem -

A bit saddening , Expected original problem from you guys!

Apart from that a nice contest.

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Yeah, we came to know about this blunder from one of our setters halfway into the contest.
It was way too late by then.
We regret the inconvenience. Apart from this question, I hope everyone liked the other problems.

Hints for now are mentioned here - .
Editorials will be posted by Monday.

The editorials are posted here - For the remaining 2, it will be posted in few hours.