Invitation to CodeRed- 2018 by IIIT Allahabad

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Upd: Editorials are posted. Check here

Upd: Thanks for the overwhelming response, with 900+ teams getting registered for the contest :smiley:
The detailed editorials will be posted on Monday.
Till then, kindly refer this Codeforces blog post to check out the hints. :slight_smile:
Also please give the feedback pertaining to contest in the comments :smiley:

Aparoksha, 2018 presents to you an all-new flagship event CODERED in association with ACM.
Get yourself ready to hone your programming skills and take home the respect and cash. It is a team event with a maximum size of the team being 3 members.

The preliminary round will be held on CodeChef, and the onsite round will be held during Aparoksha.
There is a slot for 40 teams in the onsite round.
The problem set for the preliminary round will comprise 6 problems of varying difficulty.

Contest link is here - CodeRed 2018

The total prize money is worth INR 50K. There is a slot of 40 teams
All teams making it to the onsite round will get Codered T-shirts.
Also, top 2 teams in the online round will get INR 3K and 2K
respectively, along with Codechef Laddus.

So be ready to have a nail-biting experience on Feb 17 - 9 pm to 2 am IST
Register right now at the link given here to be eligible for prize money.
Facebook Page - CodeRed Facebook Page

Problem Setter - Shivam Garg
Problem Tester - Shiv Dhingra

Edit- The contest is now of 5 hours duration.


Can you please post the editorial ?

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Kindly refer the above post for link to hints :slight_smile:

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Can anyone plz say that why did my solution for the 4th question(based on mo’s ) time out?

I used mo’s with segment tree,where seg[3:7] will denote the minimum possible ans of all nodes whose values come between the range (3,7),i mean lets say node 1- 4,node 9-6 so seg[3,7]=20

Complexity is Q*sqrt(N)*logN

My solution :