Invitation to CodeChef August Long Challenge 2018 sponsored by ShareChat!

Hello CodeChef Community!

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the August Long Challenge 2018 sponsored by ShareChat. In addition, there are some exciting internship and full-time job opportunities by ShareChat for Indian programmers in the August Long Challenge 2018. For more details, you may visit the contest page.
I hope you will join your fellow programmers and enjoy the contest problems. Joining me on the problem setting panel are:

Contest Details:

Time: 3rd August 2018 (1500 hrs) to 13th August 2018 (1500 hrs). (Indian Standard Time — +5:30 GMT) — Check your timezone.

Contest link:

Registration: You just need to have a CodeChef handle to participate. For all those, who are interested and do not have a CodeChef handle, are requested to register in order to participate.


Codechef’s MikeMirzayanov profile page shows Could not find page you requested for. xD


@aryanc403 Do you propose to create MikeMirzayanov page on CodeChef?! XD


I’m assuming there was typo with username of Codechef’s MikeMirzayanov. So, I’m correcting it. If this is not the case then please redo correction. And ban newly linked profile on account of giving false info. xD

@aryanc403 What is this Mike doing here?! :wink:

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@mgch Translating questions into hindi.

On a (serious)(xD) note on CodeForces (maybe due to existance of real MikeMirzayanov over there). Codechef’s MikeMirzayanov name is not present there .

P.S. - Now I’m waiting to see what will happen now. Will real MikeMirzayanov overturn effect due to non presence of CodeChef’s MikeMirzayanov name over there or not.

Why discuss @Mike when we already got a hardworking @admin tiring herself day and night for you guys to discuss about? :wink:

Codechef’s MikeMirzayanov xD.

Submissions taking ~6 min to give verdict.

Exactly, waiting for 5 mins here!

@mgch @likecs, Just want to bring it to your notice, that the test cases for GCDMOD are very weak.

My submission which takes O(10^{12}) operations in the worst case got 100 points. Please look into it.

@pshishod2646, your complexity analysis is wrong. I will explain it later after the contest.

@likecs - Did you saw my latest solution?

@likecs you might have seen my latest solution (the correct one)… And I am damn clear about my time complexity analysis…I even run my code on my PC for worst case…IT DIDN’T OUTPUT ANYTHING EVEN AFTER 10 MINUTES…

If you want they I can send you my code along with the worst case.

@likecs If the intended solution is same as mine then let me tell you that I know that though time complexity seems O(Something) but it is much less than that…But there is a corner test case for which it is really O(Something) and it time outs!!

@pshishod2645 - I think that its best to discuss this in comments section of the problem, or over mail or a private channel with @likecs , as you both can discuss to your hearts content there :). I also dont want anything like “@pshishod2645 discussed things related to contest but wasnt banned but my friend got banned wtf” since I am actively banning people. Hope you understand my dilemma :slight_smile:

What I can confirm is, that the problem is solvable :slight_smile:

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Don’t ban me please :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

@vijju123 I didn’t discussed anything about the problem statement or solution, I am just pointing out a bug.

OK!! I will shut my mouth…Humanity is getting extinct with time xD

Lol I am not saying you did anything wrong. Its just that people make a mountain out of a small matter at times. Hope you understand :slight_smile:


It’s ok.

I am seeing this thread from last 2 hrs.

I have nothing to say or complain.

But “time complexity seems O(value was present here but has been edited now)” isn’t allowed either. Afaik disclosing time complexity of soln is also not allowed.

It’s ok but please be careful.


P.S. - For e.g. - Give me expected time complexity for KCOMPRES . I will bring a soln with that complexity. And would hope for AC. My Current O(InsertSomeThingHere) (no I will not tell this to you) gives WA for last test case.

//Test Edit

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