Invitation to CodeCharades 2k19

Hola amigos…!

Tighten your seatbelts and be prepared with all your skillset ‘Coz it’s high time for a Code-storm where all the champions will thrive but only a few will survive.
So here comes the very first edition of “CodeCharades”, an online competitive coding championship presented by Codechef Chapter: IIT Patna, in association with ANWESHA & CodeChef as coding partner…!
And yes, the winners will be rewarded with amazing prizes worth ₹5k and 250 codechef laddoos(for top 3 partcipants).

Date and time: 21st Jan, 2019, 9PM-11PM.

The contest will be hosted on .

P.S. We won’t go easy on you!!!

Follow this link to register yourself for the contest… click here


Follow this link for facebook page…

Follow this link for contest-

You promise editorials on time ??


Thank @vijju123 for the editorial of Party At Anwesha.

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Notorious coincidence?

alt text



In problem “Back to School 1”, i fell disappointment when i submit it 5 mins of beginning of the contest but get WA after stuck at that i see suddenly the op format changed, and i already got a piles of WA and that leads me to left the contest when i see that there is no rejudgement.So disappointment for me today,btw first problem is little bit tricky(nice) :P.


@humble_rookie this solution is O(m*(n-m)) and this got an AC while if we take the worst case it will be O(n^2/4) ~ O(n^2) and with 10^5 it shouldn’t work but it did?? Why you guys made weak test case specially in the 3rd question??
Back to school 1 itself didn’t have correct output format so that’s a wrong question too.
I liked the first question but overall contest wasn’t satisfactory.