Invitation to code hustle contest by

The contest would be held on october 15 … 10 am, I wonder if its the right time, I can change the time.

Every contestant takes part with rs. 50. The top winners would win all the prize money (a little I would keep to make a living, rs. 1 per rs. 50).

Please use your codechef username in the place of real name in instamojo link.

I would like to prove that this method works. The problems would be like “solve EASY problems FAST”, like previous quickmatches, so any one can win!


It seems a good idea and I will give it a try. It is a new concept.

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yes, my dream is to make it big like thousands of contestants, and rooms… where room leaders win prizes. And higher rated rooms more money.

5 free passes, please avail! no need to change box of codechef, please just directly click the email link. thanks.

Edit 1: All free passes availed!
Edit 2: Sorry disaster problem :(.