Invitation to Awesome April 2k15

Hello everyone.

I know you all the passionate people out here, must be waiting for the next good contest to take place. Hence, I invite you all to participate in this months’ April Contest. The contest is titled as Awesome April.

The problem set has been prepared by ma5termind and its tested by me. I assure everyone would find problems of their respective taste. I would like to thank chandan11111 for assigning me to be the tester of this contest. The main character of the problem is Xsquare, and you have to help him in solving the different tasks.

The awesome editorials prepared by phantom11 are ready to be served just after the contest ends. To your surprise, Hackerearth has now introduced a unique feature in which you can rate the editorial of a particular problem after you read it. I would also like to thank Vivek Prakash and Sachin Gupta for providing me an amazing platform to share my algorithmic ideas all over.

First three people on the global leaderboard will get some amazing cash prizes worth 100$ overall. To be more precise.

Global Prizes:-

  • First on the leaderboard gets prize
    money worth Rs. 3000 /- (INR)
  • Second one gets prize money worth Rs.
    /- (INR)
  • Third person gets prize money worth
    Rs. 1000 /- (INR)

Also, all the participants having maximum score in the contest will be awarded with cool HE T-shirts.
Other Prizes:-

Not only that, Top three Indians on the leaderboard will also get HE T-shirts

Some Important links for the contest details are mentioned here below:

Link 1

Link 2