Invitation for participation in IOPC 2014, IIT Kanpur

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur ( and the Techkriti team]( presents the 2014 edition of IOPC, the annual International Online Programming Contest of IIT Kanpur. This 24 hour long contest will have you competing with some of the best coders in the world in solving problems of an algorithmic nature.

IOPC 2014 will be held from 1200 hrs on March 1st to 1200 hrs on March 2nd (IST) Teams of upto 3 members can participate in the contest. To be eligible for prizes, the teams need to be comprised of students who are currently registered in some university only.

IOPC 2014 will be hosted on Directi’s Codechef platform .Please register on the contest page( . Teams need to register on the IOPC site as well to be eligible for prizes.

Visit the Codechef contest page( and the IOPC site ( for rules and more details.
Join us on our FB event page ( for more updates.

You can view last years problems at codechef.

See you in the contest !!!


The registrations have started already. Please register your team here:

The contest begins in half an hour. Please register your team here:

Good Luck!

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With just 4 hours into the contest of 24 hours, 855 teams have registered and around 2500 submissions have been made. The elusive list of participants include many high-profile names like Anton Lunyov, KyongHyok Won, uwi, Mikhail Kever and team Paradigm Shift.

Out of the 20 problems in the contest, 11 problems are still unsolved and 14 problems have less than 5 correct submissions to them. There is still a very long way to go in the contest and we guarantee you that once you see the problem set, you wont be able to resist yourself from participating.

Join the live action at CodeChef Platform

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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Will the editorials be posted?

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yes, they will be posted surely, But it will take us some time for writing those, We had earlier thought of writing them in 24 hours, but unfortunately it is taking a lot more time than expected and some of the guys are having exams and assignments. So we will most likely will need atleast one week for this thing.


editorials link?