Invitation for Innovacion 2019 : Algorithmist

Hello Coders!

Looking for challenges to showcase your skills. We have one for you. Team Innovación brings ALGORITHMIST 2019. This is a solo coding competition which will go live from 08:00 PM today on CodeChef platform.

Contest details:

Contest Date: 24th January 2019

Start Time: 08:00 PM

End Time: 11:00 PM

Reg. For Prize:

Contest Link: Innovacion 2019: Algorithmist

All the best, bring the best out of you. Top the leader board and grab total cash prizes of $250.

Team Innovación.

looking forward to it !!

Check For TCs in a public contest like this!

I am talking about this problem

my same WA code answer goes AC after I submmited again an hour after.

You goes neither announced any update about TCs nor announced about rejudge of solutions.

Wasted my 1.5 hour in your contest.

Great job!!


Atleast rejudge the solutions after changing the TCs.

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The announcement was done. Sorry for the inconvenience.
And yes IALG2 and IALG6 will be rejudged

what about IALG1? In comment u said to round off for >5,and thanks to listening to you, i got 6 wa + late submission…!!

Are you gonna do anything about that!!?


Will it be published editorial for IALG3 ?

I need help. Please reply


I am adding words to the trie and while adding i also store at each node the lexicographically largest encrypted code encountered till now in it. As the encrypted code is unique for all the strings I maintain a hashmap with key=encrypted string and value = original string Then for any query my answer is simply the number of vowels in the original string found after searching the prefix in trie. Why is my code giving wrong answer. Can someone provide some test cases where this fails??



check out Errichto's debuuging for this @admin @vijju123 the same code gives TLE now which firstly gave WA [Errichto][2]


It’s been over a day now. Are the solutions going to be rejudged?

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Contest has been rejudged and new rank list has been published.

Team Innovacion.