Introduction for August Lunchtime 2015

Hi All,

We welcome you to participate in tomorrow’s August Lunchtime 2015. Please use this question for posting general feedback about the contest.

Entire panel of the contest is following :

Setter: Amit Pandey and Sunny Agarwal
Tester: Alex Gu and Pushkar Mishra
Editorialist: Prateek Gupta
Translators :

  • Russian - Vitalij kozhukhivski
  • Mandarin : Gedi Jheng
  • Vietnamese : Nguyen Xuan Khanh
    Contest Admin: Praveen Dhiinwa

Best of luck to all of you and happy programming !!!

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After some participants’ scores was changed ,I think the ranklist should be updated, but it isn’t updated now.(For example my actual score is 360,but my score on the ranklist is 330.)
Could you update the ranklist?

Hey, I would like to elaborate on few things.
Since lunchtime is for school students, we would appreciate if lunctime problems come more of a format for IOI Aspirants. Since INOI/ZCO are about to come, There must be questions of DP and Graph algorithms etc. tough problems have no probablity of coming in ZCO/INOI and the problems with segment tree , interval trees are not that required for school students.
The number of adhoc problems can be reduced and replaced with easy DP problems.

Overall , The experience was quite nice. Good Job Codechef Team!

PS. When will the winner blog post be published ? :slight_smile:



i am not happy with the continuous weak test case of challenges as in long15 DCGAME and CLOST

for the problem Churu and lost string

here is tester code with input :-

and this is best accepted code(first rank in rank list of problem) with same input :- this code is giving wrong output.

here is accepted code link:-

let length of string is 2 then valid string is “()” am i right? but this code generate both “()” and “)(”
as you can see on ideone link.
not only this one many code got accepted with same issue or different issue because test cases were weak or judgement of output string was wrong.

it seems that getting AC depend upon LUCK :frowning:

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when will LTIME27 get rated ?

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