Internet Problem Solving Contest

Well, most of us might be already knowing about this, but few wouldn’t be, who are new to competitive programming, and related things… This post is basically for them :

The Internet Problem Solving Contest is an online programming competition for teams of up to three people. Each year, hundreds of teams gather to solve challenging problems and test their skills against some of the best programmers in the world.

The problems range from easy to very hard, so everyone is welcome to compete. We also have separate ranklists for individuals and secondary school students. You can use any programming language, or even solve problems by hand. Most of the problems are algorithmic in nature, but IPSC is particularly known for its unusual and fun problems.

The registrations for the contest has been started, please check out the site and get registered :

Timings : IPSC 2014 will take place from 15 June 2014, 11:00 UTC to 15 June 2014, 16:00 UTC


users can also take part in Training sessions, which would give feel like the competition is running :